2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rule

2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rul

2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rul

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Program offered twice:  8AM-12PM or 1PM – 5 PM

ACMS Building

Cost per attendee $25

Discount for multiple attendees.


  • The presentation will provide a detailed explanation of the 2013 Omnibus Rule Changes (required compliance by September 23, 2013) for the Privacy Rule, Security Rule, Privacy Breach Notification Rule, and Enforcement Rule.
  • Identify and understand all of the changes that will require new policies, forms, and training for medical practices to remain compliant with HIPAA.

This management level presentation assumes the practice has implemented the basic requirements (written policies and procedures) of HIPAA’s regulations. Seminar materials are provided in a workbook format to allow ample notes during the presentation and will include explanations for:

  1. Expanded patient’s rights to receive electronic copies of their health information and define the reasonable fee for such copies.
  2. Allowance for patients to restrict disclosures to a health plan concerning treatment for which the individual has paid out of pocket in full.
  3. Modifications to, and redistribution of, a practice’s Notice of Privacy Practices.
  4. Identifying changes with Business Associates and modifications for existing Business Associate agreements.
  5. Expanded access and protections for decedent information by family members or others.
  6. Adopted changes to the Enforcement Rule to incorporate increased and tiered civil monetary penalty structure.
  7. Final Breach Notification Rule with modification to the rule’s “harm threshold” for defining a breach and required actions for notification to the patient, media, and HHS.
  8. Allowance for disclosure of child immunization proof to schools. While many states have such information available from centralized services, a school will have the ability to contact individual practices and request vaccination information directly.
  9. Creating a “culture of compliance” for a practice, staff members, and patients.
  10. Making compliance and staff training simple.

And much more to help understand changed definitions and responsibilities.

Who Should Attend:
Managers or other individuals with responsibility for HIPAA compliance should attend this seminar. This would include practice managers and administrators, IT managers, privacy officers, and other individuals with similar responsibilities in the practice.


Parking is available in the ACMS parking lot beside the building.



Program Sponsored by:

Mark Hamm
E-Mail: mark.hamm@burdick.com
Henry Schein
Allegheny Medcare, GPO
Michael L. Gomber, MBA
E-mail: MikeGomber@henryschein.com
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