2018 Election Results

Elected Fall of 2018 – Taking Office January 1, 2019




2019 Executive Committee 

Adele L. Towers, MD

William K. Johnjulio, MD

Vice President
Patricia L. Bononi, MD

Peter G. Ellis, MD

Matthew B. Straka, MD


ACMS Board of Directors (Term 2019-2021)

William F. Coppula, MD
David J. Deitrick, DO
Kevin O. Garrett, MD
Marcy L. Jackovic, DO
Raymond E. Pontzer, MD


Peer Review Board (Term 2019-2021)

Thomas P. Campbell, MD
Keith T. Kanel, MD


Delegates (Term 2019-2020)

Ragunath Appasamy, MD
Colleen A. Carignan, MD
Douglas F. Clough, MD
Amber R. Elway, MD
Sharon L Goldstein, MD
Todd M Hertzberg, MD
Barbara S. Nightingale, MD
Matthew B. Straka, MD
Maria J. Sunseri, MD
Rajiv R.  Varma, MD
John P. Williams, MD


Alternate Delegates (Term 2019)

David L. Blinn, MD
Robert C. Cicco, MD
Gil Citro, MD
Oriente DiTano, MD
Stephen N. Fisher, MD
Terrence D. Julien, MD
Deval M. Paranjpe, MD
Carl A. Sirio, MD
Andrea A. Synowiec, DO
Matthew A. Vasil, DO
G. Alan Yeasted, MD