THistory of Medicinewo years in the making, the Allegheny County Medical Society announces the publication of “A Tradition of Leadership, Innovation and Caring,” a 200-page history of medicine in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. The work was commissioned by Jack Krah, former ACMS executive director, through Legacy Publishing Co., Birmingham, Ala. Its author is Diane C. Wuycheck, former ACMS director of communications, with layout assistance from Meagan K. (Welling) Sable, ACMS director of publications and Bulletin managing editor.

“Just as the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers merge to form the Ohio, so too the history of medicine and that of the region come together in this book to produce the story that has earned Pittsburgh and Allegheny County its place in the world,” Ms. Wuycheck said.

The rugged terrain fed by three rivers was the stage for important battles of the French and Indian War in our country’s fight for independence. Medicine was literally born on this battlefield.

Returning from war, physicians brought innovative techniques to their fledgling practices to stave off water and airborne maladies. They crafted rudimentary tools to save lives and limbs.

Their resiliency and enterprise are characteristic of the region’s people who overcame massive floods, fires and choking pollution to transform Pittsburgh from a “Rust Belt Smoky City” to the “City of Meds and Eds” it is today.

In these pages are stories of captains of industry and medical giants, supported by legions of compassionate caregivers and tireless advocates committed to those in need, their communities and their professions.

The marvels of millennium medicine – from transplants to bio-engineering and nanotechnology – predict a future more remarkable than the notable past.

“I appreciate the support of the ACMS staff and the generous input of ACMS physicians along with my healthcare colleagues and historical groups that contributed greatly to the book’s development,” Ms. Wuycheck noted.

The hard-cover book also includes an extensive bibliography and profiles of local physicians, hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Copies are available from ACMS for $49.95 plus shipping and handling, with proceeds benefiting the ACMS Foundation.

Please call (412) 321-5030 or e-mail for more information and to order your copy.