Who belongs to the

ACMS Alliance?


Physicians' family members . . .


Through participation in the ACMS Alliance, every member is part of an extended medical family that receives peer support for maintaining a healthy family and life balance throughout the physician's medical training and career. 


. . .  who care about the future of medicine . . .


Members of the ACMSA, along with members of the PMSA and AMAA, have lobbied for legislation advocating patients; rights and supporting a healthcare environment that is fair both to physicians and patients.


. . . and who want to serve the community and improve public health.


The ACMSA provides programs to promote healthy living, reduce domestic violence, provide necessities to those in need, and raise funds for healthcare education.

Need More Information?

Contact the Alliance at 412-321-5030


Join us in membership, on committees and in leadership. From hands on, roll up your shirt sleeve projects and political action initiatives, to fundraising black tie gala events, volunteers are valued at any level of involvement! We are dedicated to work in, on, for:

  • issues of public health and welfare, including disaster relief and other charitable causes
  • legislative attentiveness in protecting medical ethics, science and practice with lead from PMS and ACMS in the interest of patient and physician
  • fundraising projects benefiting scholarship for medical school education, nursing degree and health career programs including science and technology traditional beneficiaries include, but are not limited to:
    • Carnegie Science Center, CCAC, Henry the Hand Foundation, Operation Safety Net, Project Bundle-Up, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    • In addition to ACMS, PMSA, AMAA, AMES, PMSA Foundation
selection decisions are determined by ACMSA Executive Board as described in by laws of the organization

Membership Application
Membership Application

Allegheny County Medical Society Alliance
713 Ridge Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
412-321-5030 FAX 412-321-5323