Aerotech Inc. (Steve A. Botos) – Benjamin Rush Community Organization Award

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Benjamin Rush Community Organization Award – Recognizes a company, institution, organization or agency that is successfully addressing a community health issue.

Aerotech Inc. (Steve A. Botos)

Aerotech Inc., led by Principal Mechanical Engineer Steve A. Botos, has made Intraocular Lenses (IOL), artificial lenses implanted in the eye, available to those suffering from cataract-induced blindness in the developing world. Though adopted in the developed world in the 1970s, IOL availability was not within reach of millions of blind people because of a lack of skilled surgeons, inadequate health care distribution systems and the high cost of the lenses imported from Western countries. Cataract blindness was basically a death sentence for victims in India.

Aerotech and Mr. Botos, who served as CEO and lead mechanical engineer, worked to manufacture state-of-the-art lenses and improve IOL fabrication. Aerotech’s technology can now produce lenses that can correct astigmatism and require no polishing. Two doctors, Dr. Fred Hollows in Nepal, and Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy (Dr. V) in India, were fighting to get help to victims of cataract-induced blindness. Aerotech and Mr. Botos’ technology was used at a fabrication facility established by Dr. Hollows in Nepal, making IOLs available and affordable. Mr. Botos worked to solve the problem for Dr. V and other Indian doctors and engineers, making tradeoffs in design to maintain quality but lower the cost of imported IOLs.

“Thanks to Steve’s guidance, the expert team at Aerotech, and devoted physicians and staff overseas, millions of eyes can once again see the world.”


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