California University of Pennsylvania Hosts Event on Medieval Medicine

On Oct. 20-22, 2010, California University of Pennsylvania is hosting a series of events entitled “Dancing with Death: Warfare, Wounds and Disease in the Middle Ages.”

Cambridge University paleopathologist and practicing orthopedic surgeon Piers Mitchell will provide two talks, including a keynote address entitled “Medieval Medical Care: Stereotypes and Reality.”  Additional talks will include one on trauma to skeletons found in a mass grave on the site of the Battle of Towton (1461) in England by Anthea Boylston (University of Bradford, England); a talk on paleopathology in Asia by National Geographic Emerging Explorer Christine Lee (Beijing University); and talks on medieval military history, the medieval longbow and its effects on the human body, and other subjects, by experts from England, Wales, and the United States.

Demonstrations and displays of medieval warhorses, fencing techniques, and longbows will take place throughout the event.  Attendees will be able to meet and talk to the various guest experts during daily afternoon receptions, and publications by the speakers will be available for purchase by those who would like to pursue the subject further.

A performance of the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, by world-renowned early music specialist Benjamin Bagby, will close “Dancing with Death,” on Friday evening, Oct. 22.  Bagby’s earlier appearances in Pittsburgh have played to packed houses, and his performances of Beowulf have won international acclaim.

For more information contact:  Paul Crawford (crawford_p@calu.edu), Sarah Downey (downey@calu.edu), or Cassandra Kuba (kuba@calu.edu).

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