Employee Badges

Employee ID Badge Resources


Pennsylvania now requires physicians and employees who provide direct patient care to wear photo identification badges. The goal of this requirement is to help patients understand who is providing their care and what level of training their caregiver has received. Physicians and their employees in private medical practices are required to wear ID badges as of December 10, 2011.

Professionally Printed Employee ID Badges

The ACMS has partnered with Total ID Solutions to provide professionally printed plastic id badges. The cost for a ready to wear badge complete with clip is $ 4.95 per badge plus shipping.

Ordering is simple:

Photo requirements:

  • Photo should be taken against a plain, uniform white or light background
  • The face must be square to the camera and centered in frame
  • A full front view of the subject’s head and shoulders is required
  • Should be in JPEG format (.jpg), high resolution photo not required (Smartphone or webcam photos are acceptable)

Total Id Solutions will process and print your order and ship directly to you by UPS or US mail.














If you would prefer to print ID Badges yourself

The Pennsylvania Medical Society has created a template to allow you to assemble and print your own badges. The instructions and information can be found at www.pamedsoc.org.