The Greater Pittsburgh Diabetes Club is a group of multidisciplinary clinicians who have a special interest in diabetes. The Greater Pittsburgh Diabetes Club provides a venue for non-biased specialty level educational programs, networking, and social interaction.

The GPDC offers the venue to hear invited speakers, obtain continuing education credits, and promote networking with local friends and colleagues.  Please join us for these educational forums and social networking. Your input and participation are encouraged.

Dues are $25/year. Anyone interested in joining the Greater Pittsburgh Diabetes Club or attending a program should contact Dorothy Hostovich at 412-321-5030 or email dhostovich@acms.org.   

Upcoming Program:

Dinner and Presentation

Spring 2019 Program Coming soon








Greater Pittsburgh Diabetes Club

713 Ridge Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
412-321-5030  FAX 412-321-5323







Jennifer Holst, MD, President
Jacqueline Wesche-Thoban, RN, BSN, CDE
, Treasurer
Jolynn Gibson, MSN, RN, CDE
Jacqueline Lucey, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP
Douha Safar, MD
Heba Ismail, MD
Michele Roberts, MD
Annabelle McCoy, RD, CDE, LDN
David Rometo, MD