National POLST Paradigm Toolkit Webinar Series

The National POLST Paradigm is hosting a webinar series to present a new POLST toolkit we’ve been developing, Using the POLST Paradigm to Honor Patient Wishes Across the Care Continuum. This toolkit is intended to give facilities a reference of what the POLST Paradigm is, and will provide resources (FAQs, sample policies and practices, etc.) to help implement quality procedures that support the treatment wishes of patients using the POLST Paradigm.

This Spring 2017 webinar series includes 6 webinars, an Overview, plus 5 webinars that correspond to various care settings in which POLST is important:

  1. Primary Care,
  2. EMS,
  3. In-patient Hospital,
  4. Nursing Homes, and
  5. Hospice.

You may register for the free webinars and learn more at http://polst.org/toolkit/

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