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Special Report …… 392
JHF launches program to support new patient-provider relationship
Bruce Block, MD

Special Report ….. 394
Allegheny County DHS delivers Use Your Words message
Margi Shrum

Special Report ….. 396
Intimate partner violence
Ed Kelly, MD
Sr. Carole Blazina, SC, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC

Materia Medica ….. 398
New anticoagulants: A promising outlook, but a fresh set of challenges
Nicole Cornish, PharmD
Karen Fancher, PharmD, BCOP

Special Report ….. 402
The need for a Health Literate Care Model
Kevin Progar, RHLC

Special Report ….. 405
Health professionals’ role in stopping IPV
Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD

Special Report ….. 414
Psychosomatic medicine: Nuances of clinical practice, sub-specialty
Priya Gopalan, MD
Pierre Azzam, MD

Special Report ….. 416
CPOE and ‘any licensed health care provider:’ Who might that be?
Carol Bishop, PAMED

Legal Report ….. 418
Federal Court invalidates marketing agreement
William H. Maruca, Esq.

Interesting Cases ….. 420
Pseudocyesis in a patient being treated for opiate dependence and
Lily Francis, MD
Prabir K. Mullick, MD
Manohar Shetty, MD


Editorial ….. 382
Other fish in the sea
Deval (Reshma) Paranjpe, MD, FACS

Editorial ….. 384
Something rotten in Denmark?
Timothy Lesaca, MD


Letter to the Editor ….. 386
Society News ….. 388
Pittsburgh Ophthalmology Society
ACMS appoints legal counsel
Licensure renewal deadline
Residents and Fellows
Board of Directors
PGSWD Fall Program
Practice Managers

In Memoriam ….. 390
Arnold M. Steinman, MD
Constantine G. Kyreages, MD
Ross H. Musgrave, MD

Activities & Accolades …… 407
Message from CDC ….. 407
ACMS Alliance News ….. 408
Legislative Update …… 421

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