Officers and Staff

Our Mission and Vision

Established in 1865, the Allegheny County Medical Society is the leading professional
association of physicians in Pennsylvania. 


ACMS Vision
A healthy region with compassionate medical care
ACMS Mission
Improving healthcare through education, advocacy, service,
and physician well-being 


Bill Johnjulio, MD

William Johnjulio, MD







Patricia Bononi, MD

Patricia Bononi, MD





Peter Ellis, MD

Peter Ellis, MD

Vice President






Mat Straka, MD

Matthew Straka, MD







David Blinn

David Blinn, MD







Adele Towers, MD

Adele Towers, MD

Board Chair






Board of Directors

Term Expires 2022 Term Expires 2021 Term Expires 2020
Ragunath Appasamy, MD William F. Coppula, MD Wendy E. Braund, MD
Mark A. Goodman, MD David J. Deitrick, DO Bruce A. MacLeod, MD
Keith T. Kanel, MD Kevin O. Garrett, MD Amelia A. Paré, MD
Maria J. Sunseri, MD Marcy L. Jackovic, DO Angela M. Stupi, MD
G. Alan Yeasted, MD Raymond E. Pontzer, MD John P. Williams, MD


Delegation to the Pennsylvania Medical Society

Term 2019-2020 Term 2020-2021
Ragunath Appasamy, MD David L. Blinn, MD
Colleen A. Carignan, MD William F. Coppula, M
Douglas F. Clough, MD David J. Deitrick, DO
Amber R. Elway, MD Kevin O. Garrett, MD
Todd M. Hertzberg, MD Mark A. Goodman, MD
Barbara S. Nightingale, MD Keith T. Kanel, MD
Matthew B. Straka, MD Bruce A. MacLeod, MD
Maria J. Sunseri, MD Jan W. Madison, MD
Rajiv R.  Varma, MD William Simmons, MD
John P. Williams, MD Adele L. Towers, MD
  Matthew B. Vasil, DO
  G. Alan Yeasted, MD


Alternate Delegates

2020 Term

Wendy Braund, MD
Adam Brufsky, MD
Steve Evans, MD
Stephen Fisher, MD
Shea Ford, MD
Micah Jacobs, MD
Kirsten Lin, MD
Deval M. Paranjpe, MD
Angela M. Stupi, MD
Andrea Synewiec, DO
David Webster, MD
Sean Whelan, MD

Administrative Staff

Jeremy Bonfini

Jeremy Bonfini

Chief Executive Officer




Jim Ireland

Jim Ireland

Vice President of Physician Engagement and Digital Strategy



Terri Dowd

Vice President of Business Development




Nadine Popovich

Nadine Popovich

Director, Medical Community Engagement






Meagan Sable

Meagan Sable

Director of Publications and Bulletin Managing Editor






Michele Besanceney

Manager, Medical Community Engagement and Society Governance