Physician Volunteer Award

Physician Volunteer Award

Recognizes a physician for the donation of their time or talents for charitable, clinical, educational or community service activities, domestically or internationally.

Dayle B. Griffin, MD


Dayle Griffin, MD, medical director of St. Clair’s Pediatric Unit, was collecting donations and making plans for her annual visit to the village of La Croix in Haiti when an earthquake struck the impoverished nation in January, 2010, leaving a path of death and devastation in its wake, particularly in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, the epicenter of the quake.  LaCroix, located about 90 miles north of Port-au-Prince, was spared during the unprecedented natural disaster, however, the people, its medical clinic, maternity center and school, were still in desperate need following two hurricanes that tore through the village.  Many refugees, injured, hungry and desperate for help, had fled there after the quake, with more on the way.


Although her scheduled commercial flight to Haiti was cancelled due to the earthquake, Dr. Griffin managed to fly into Port-au-Prince only one day later than her original departure date by a ride on a medical relief flight organized by a Pittsburgh-area businessman. Dr. Griffin traveled to Hospital Albert Schweitzer outside of Port-au-Prince to assist in tending to the many refugees who had made their way to the famous hospital from ground zero.  From there she journeyed to LaCroix and nearby communities where she worked virtually non-stop for six days.  When she returned to Port-au-Prince to return to the United States, word came down that pediatricians were urgently needed at St. Damien Hospital, a children’s hospital.  Dr. Griffin stayed another week working at St. Damien Hospital.


Dr. Griffin has visited La Croix every year since 1991, sometimes making multiple trips.  Her next visit is planned for June, 2013.


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