Physician Wellness Program


About the ACMS Physician Wellness Program

The ACMS Physician Wellness Program (PWP) was created for physicians to provide confidential assistance with common life difficulties including family issues, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, and difficulty managing stress.

Addressing Physician Burnout and Stress

Being a physician in the current healthcare climate is not easy. Adhering to constantly changing regulations and requirements while maintaining a healthy work/family life balance and handling everyday stressors can take a serious toll on a physician’s overall well-being. Addressing physician burnout is the first step to decreasing stress and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

How PWP Can Help You

ACMS has partnered with Cranberry Psychological Center, Inc. to provide free, anonymous counseling to Allegheny County physicians. Non-emergency sessions will be scheduled during regular business hours; emergency sessions are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. A total of 4 free sessions are offered through ACMS each calendar year at 3 different locations: Fox Chapel, Cranberry, and McMurray. All psychologists are PhDs practicing under Richard G. Frey, PhD, ABPP, clinical director.

To make an appointment or for information, call Dr. Frey at 724-772-4848, ext. 225.