Chapter Mission/goal: To provide an educational forum for urologists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are dedicated in improving the health of patients for whom they provide care.  In addition, to strengthen the society by adding interested and involved urologists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners from the region and to continue to promote networking and support for those who are members.

Administrator/Membership Information

Dottie Hostovich
713 Ridge Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone: 412-321-5030 
Fax: 412-321-5323
Email: pua@acms.org



Upcoming Program:

Dinner and Presentation


Learn how the Oncotype DX Assays Personalize Management
Decisions for Prostate Cancer Patients


615 p.m. – Registration and Reception

6:45 p.m. –  Program / Dinner


Eddie V’s

501 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Guest Speaker

Richard Harkaway, MD


Please RSVP on or before Thursday, July 25, 2019

Fax:  412-321-5323    Email:  dhostovich@acms.org    Phone:  Dottie:  412-321-5030



This dinner and speaker are paid directly by the host sponsor.

Dinners received may be subject to Sunshine Act reporting.











Pittsburgh Urological Association

713 Ridge Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
412-321-5030  FAX 412-321-5323







 Frank Greco, MD

Program Director
Jay B. Herman, MD

 Elizabeth R. Sagan, MD