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2018 Benjamin Rush Community Organization Award – Global Links

Benjamin Rush Community Organization Award

Global Links has been selected as the 2018 Benjamin Rush Community Organization Award. Established in 1947, the award recognizes a company, institution, organization or agency that is successfully addressing a community health issue.

Founded in 1989, Global Links is a Pittsburgh-based medical relief and development organization dedicated to providing life-saving medical supplies, equipment and support to people in need in the United States and international communities. Global Links partners with hospitals, healthcare organizations and the public to capture still-useful medical supplies, equipment and other materials and provides them to resource-poor countries around the world, as well as local safety net organizations. Global Links shares their experience and technical knowledge with international and domestic partners and educates volunteers, donors and the community on issues of global health and environmental stewardship.

Over the years, Global Links has developed a unique and productive partnership with the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, as well as within-country Ministries of Health and the medical and administrative leadership of public health systems. This regional focus has allowed the organization to acquire in-depth knowledge about the public health conditions in the countries they serve, form collaborative partnerships and develop valuable cultural competence.

In addition, they collaborate with national and municipal officials, health administrators and community leaders in their partner countries to develop projects that support public health goals; with local safety-net organizations to support their work improving health for uninsured and underinsured individuals in our community; and with healthcare systems in the United States to develop sustainable practices for surplus recovery.

Internationally, Global Links works with public health officials and community leaders to develop projects that help communities meet their own public health goals. At home, Global Links’ Community Partners Program provides the medical materials, mobility aids, and collaborative support that local safety net organizations need to better serve their clients and patients. By removing barriers to healthcare and bridging the gaps in health insurance they work to ensure that all the region’s citizens have access to the resources they need to live independently, safely, and with dignity.

Global Links also convenes a vibrant community of more than 4,000 volunteers who assess, prepare and pack materials at its headquarters in Pittsburgh, making sure that the materials and supplies used in their programs are of the highest quality and ready to save lives in resource-poor communities.

Driven by their motto, “Sharing Surplus. Saving Lives.,” Global Links recovers an average of 300 tons of valuable surplus medical materials from our region’s healthcare systems each year.

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