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2019 Bulletin Photo Contest Winners

Mount Hood Reflection

Mount Hood Reflection Jared Knickelbein, MD, PhD

Congratulations to Jared Knickelbein, MD, PhD, whose photo, “Mount Hood Reflection,” was the first-place winner of the 2019 ACMS Bulletin Photo Contest. His photo will appear on the January 2020 cover of the Bulletin.

Additional winners include: Frederick B. Doerfler Jr., MD – “PPG City Reflections;” Elias Hilal, MD – “Kennywood Splash;” Leo Bastiaens, MD – “Monet;” Thaddeus Osial, MD – “White Pocket, AZ;” Alexanndra Kreps, MD – “Sunset over Cranberry Township;” Mark E. Thompson, MD – “Jelly Fish, Atlanta Aquarium;” Andrew W. Eller, MD – “Bridges on Mon;” Alan Klein, MD – “Sunset over Canon Beach;” Terence W. Starz, MD – “Land of the Free;” Kimberly Hennon, MD – “Wildflowers;” and Marc Garfinkel, MD – “Light at the End of the Tunnel.”

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These photos also will appear on 2020 Bulletin covers.

Congratulations to all winners, and thank you to all who participated in the 2019 ACMS Bulletin Photo Contest!

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