Richard E. Deitrick Humanity in Medicine Award

Richard E. Deitrick Humanity in Medicine Award

Honors a physician who has improved the lives of patients by caring for them with integrity, honesty, and respect of their human dignity, and serves as a role model for other physicians.

Daniel H. Brooks, MD


Dr. Daniel Brooks exemplifies the definition of a role-model, both for physicians and employees.  Over his long and illustrious career, Dr. Brooks improved the lives of his patients by caring for them with integrity, honesty and respect of their human dignity.


Dr. Brooks began his career with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine before becoming the Head of the Division of General Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital from 1976-1978.  Following this appointment, Dr. Brooks joined Surgical Associates of Sewickley where he remained until 2000 when he joined Heritage Valley Health System as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, and later as Chief Operating Officer of Heritage Valley Sewickley.  Since 2008 Dr. Brooks has held the position of Vice President, Community Health Services, where he directly and indirectly touches the lives of thousands of patients through his leadership of Heritage Valley’s prevention and wellness programs, behavioral health services, outpatient diagnostic centers and other community-focused services.


Dr. Brooks was, is, and continues to be a strong mentor to many physicians in Southwestern PA.  Over the course of his career as a physician and leader in the medical community, he has made a significant impact on the physician community in the region.  One physician [Geoffrey Wilcox, MD, FACS, Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery at Heritage Valley Sewickley and Co-Director at St. Clair Hospital] summarized Dr. Brooks’ mentoring approach with a quote by Thomas Wolfe:  “I was sustained by one piece of inestimable good fortune.  I had for a friend a man of immense and patient wisdom and a gentle but unyielding fortitude.  I think that if I was not destroyed at this time by a sense of hopelessness which these gigantic labors have awakened in me, it is largely because of the courage and patience of this man.  I did not give in because he would not let me give in.”


As someone who has focused on both treatment and prevention of disease through his life-long journey as a surgeon and health care administrator, Dr. Brooks has always kept the patient at the center of his focus.

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