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Our work as physicians is extremely rewarding. But the demands of today’s healthcare system also can create stresses that lead to burnout. It’s important that we find a balance.

Physicians are constantly asked to perform many demanding tasks without the needed support to accomplish them. Studies have identified a multitude of different factors that contribute to physician burnout. You can certainly relate to some of these factors, such as:

  • Spending time on the phone with prior authorization peer-to-peer appeals instead of spending time in an exam room with patients
  • Losing sleep over paperwork, patient satisfaction ratings, RVU requirements, quality measures, MIPS and MACRA 
  • Pajama Time at night completing patient notes with your computer instead of quality time with your family
  • A sense of loss of control with the demands of an overwhelming workload

How can we achieve wellness and resiliency?

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“What do you do?” This is often the question used to spark a conversation in a new acquaintance, to get to know who they are. But aren’t you more than what you do for a job? And isn’t it more interesting to know what a person is passionate about, not necessarily what they spend their 9 to 5 doing? I think this common question highlights the fact that our identities often are interwoven into our job titles. But is this really healthy? Is it truly the whole story of who we are? And, more importantly, in our example as physicians, do our patients really want us to simply be a doctor?

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