YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Direct Referral

ymca_champResearch shows that patients are overwhelmingly more accepting of advice from their trusted physician. Now, physicians in this community are leading the charge to create awareness and support patients as they make healthy changes for life.

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program can decrease the number of new type 2 diabetes cases and give patients at high risk for developing the disease tools for healthy living.  Research by the National Institutes of Health has shown that programs like the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program reduce the number of new cases of diabetes by 58% overall and by 71% in individuals over age 60.

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention led National Diabetes Prevention Program and is nationally supported by the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance, and other national organizations committed to preventing chronic disease.

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is a one year community-based program led by a trained Lifestyle Coach in a classroom setting. Participants
work together in small groups for 16 weekly sessions followed by eight monthly sessions to incorporate healthier eating and moderate physical
activity into their daily lives.

In order to qualify for the program, participants must be at least 18 years old, overweight (BMI ≥ 25)*, at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes or diagnosed with prediabetes.

Additional information and referral form

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