Pittsburgh’s topography and outdoor air pollution contributes to increased asthma prevalence and poor control in underserved populations. 

Donate now to bring specialty asthma care to 100 Children in Clairton, PA.

Our virtual fundraising campaign  begins October 7, 2020 with an anticipated clinic opening on November 10, 2020.   The clinic will provide specialty asthma visits, supplies, medical staff, and educational services to vulnerable residents in Clairton, Pennsylvania. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available for community organizations and businesses that want to support this important public health initiative.  For more information about this campaign, please contact Jeremy Bonfini, CEO,  Allegheny County Medical Society, at 412-321-5030.

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 2020 Grant submission Deadline – October 23, 2020  

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Foundation Board 

William Johnjulio, MD
Chair of Foundation – ACMS President 
Patricia Bononi, MD
ACMS President Elect
Kevin O. Garrett, MD
Peter Ellis, MD
ACMS Vice President
John Williams, MD
Foundation Secretary
Matthew Straka, MD
ACMS Secretary
Adele Towers, MD
ACMS Immediate Past President
David Blinn, MD
ACMS Treasurer
Daniel H. Brooks, MD

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Kim Ravenda
Community Member
Fr. Regis Ryan
Community Member
Paul Vey, Esq
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Kevin Miko
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