Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ's

There is no option to be an ACMS member ONLY. Membership in the Pennsylvania Medical Society and The Allegheny County Medical Society go hand-in hand, addressing issues from both a local and statewide level. Thus, the two memberships are woven together. When you join PAMED, you are required to select a county

When you pay for membership, you receive one calendar year of membership (January 1 until December 31). The billing cycle ends on August 31of each year. Anyone paying on September 1 or later is paying for the following year but will be activated upon receipt of payment. Physicians and practices who have not paid for the year’s membership are removed from membership on March 1.   They may be reinstated into membership anytime their payment is received.

Yes, PAMED offers an Auto Renewal option. Once enrolled, your membership will be charged to the credit card on file. A PAMED staff member will reach out to you if your credit card is invalid or has expired. To enroll in auto-renewal, please contact the PAMED Knowledge Center: [email protected].

Physicians and practices may pay for membership as follows:

  • Include a check or credit card payment in the business return envelope included with the mailed invoice.
  • Use a credit card to pay online:
    • Individual physicians may go to
    • Practices may go to
  • Verbally provide credit card information over the phone to a member of PAMED’s membership team at 800-228-7823.

Federal Income Tax:  Professional association dues may be deductible for federal income tax purposes as ordinary and necessary business expenses. The portion of dues allocated to lobbying activities (21% of State Medical Society dues; 5% of Allegheny County Medical Society dues) is nondeductible. Dues are not deductible as charitable contributions. Please consult your tax advisor for details. Allotment will be made from dues for the Educational Fund of the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Refund Policy:  The Pennsylvania Medical Society does not provide membership refunds after 7 business days. Adjustments will be made for overpayments or duplicate payments.

PAMPAC is the political arm of the Pennsylvania Medical Society. Contributions to PAMPAC are not tax deductible. Contributions to PAMPAC are voluntary and should be written on personal checks or charged to personal credit card accounts. Corporate contributions are prohibited.