ACMS' Physician Wellness Program

Welcome to the Physician Wellness Program, an initiative dedicated to addressing the urgent issue of physician burnout. As the professional association for physicians in Allegheny County, we understand the challenges and pressures that physicians face in today’s demanding healthcare landscape. In response, we have developed a comprehensive wellness program that is supported by The Physicians Foundation and the Allegheny County Medical Society Foundation. Our program provides confidential counseling services that are tailored to the unique needs of physicians living and working in Allegheny County. We are committed to significantly impacting physicians’ lives by eliminating barriers to accessing mental health services. We aim to empower physicians to seek the resources and tools necessary to navigate their life journey successfully. Our objective is to foster a stronger and more resilient healthcare community. We invite you to explore our page to learn more.

To Make an Apointment

  1. View the profiles of contracted mental health providers shown below
    All available times listed below are Eastern Standard Time unless otherwise noted and subject to modification by the therapist without notice. Use the scroll bar on the right of the profiles to view all the providers under contract with PVP. If you are not using a mobile device, you can filter the profile cards below by any field, such as foci, modalities, or location. You can also download a spreadsheet or view the providers in a full window by clicking on VIEW LARGER VERSION at the bottom of the white profiles section.
  2. Contact the provider of choice using their preferred method.
    Identify yourself as a physician looking to utilize the Physician Wellness Program.
  3. Review program guidelines and informed consent forms on the before your first appointment.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH A PROVIDER (Booking Site is Currently Not Live)
Appointment Booking Site Will Go LIVE on May 31, 2024

The Physician Wellness Program provides confidential access to mental health providers for licensed physicians working or residing in Allegheny County because:

  • You want to provide the best care for your patients that you can.
  • You want to be present for your family, friends, and colleagues.
  • You want to optimize your career and life.


We do our best to provide care that is:

  • Competent – Allegheny County physicians and behavioral health specialists interviewed mental health providers with a reputation for assisting healthcare professionals by addressing common issues like depression, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and burnout.
  • Convenient – You can typically make appointments within a week or two through a couple of calls or emails. Hours vary by providers, including some weekend and evening time slots available via telehealth and at locations throughout Idaho.
  • Cost-free – this benefit is designed to make it easier for you to initiate self-care without thinking about monetary costs up front. If you wish to continue treatment beyond this, you can discuss payment arrangements directly with the provider.


Our mental health providers (MHPs) are sensitive to keeping your personal and professional reputation intact. Your participation in this program is completely voluntary and confidential and may not be mandated as a condition of employment. Neither ACMS, your employer, nor the Board of Medicine will be notified of your name if you choose to participate.

  • No medical diagnosis – only limited therapy notes are kept on paper
  • No insurance billing – our billing process does not allow for participant names to be submitted
  • Limited electronic records created (e.g. calendaring, consent to treat, and telehealth software, all of which will be disclosed and explained by the therapist).

Participants must sign an understanding of the MHP’s limits of confidentiality under certain legal statutes. Please review our consent to treat forms prior to your first appointment, although you will go over this paperwork in your first appointment.


Our MHPs have been vetted by ACMS member physicians and/or behavioral health professionals for their experience with and sensitivity to the challenges that doctors and other healthcare workers commonly face. While we do verify licensure with the State of Pennsylvania, we do not necessarily independently verify all claims of experience or certification, nor do we guarantee suitability for any particular issue for which an Allegheny County physician may seek help. Please review the credentials and experience of MHPs per your own standards.

This program effectively removes barriers that prevent physicians from accessing the counseling they need. It’s a great resource that can help improve the well-being of doctors in the community. It also serves as a catalyst to start a broader conversation around how we can better take care of one another. This is a platform to help reduce the stigma around seeking mental health services.

-Vint Blackburn, MD


To make an appointment

1) View the list of contracted MHPs and make contact with one of them to make an appointment.

2) Identify yourself as a physician living or working in Allegheny County and that you are utilizing this benefit. 

If you are having trouble getting an appointment, you may call or text (412) 321-5030 x100 for assistance, although at that point, your anonymity with ACMS may not be absolutely preserved from the ACMS staff if caller ID shows up. 

Cost-Free Access

A portion of  your tax-deductible donations to the ACMS Foundation and a grant from the Physicians Foundation help make this program possible. 

Appointments are available during hours physicians can access in Allegheny County and via telehealth statewide. 

The free benefit for physicians in need is FOUR (4) sessions per twelve-month period (starting with the first appointment.) 

Eligible members include physicians and residents working or living in Allegheny County.

Family members may attend counseling sessions with members, but the client of record is the physician and must be present.


Exciting News Coming soon!

This page provides information about the upcoming Physician Wellness Program launch this summer.

Stay tuned for updates to be the first to know!