Community Awards

You may nominate more than one individual or organization.
Individuals may not be practicing healthcare professionals.
Organizations may not be hospitals or care facilities.

Benjamin Rush Individual Award
Recognizes an individual who is not a physician and who devotes time, skills, or resources to assisting others and contributes to the advancement of healthcare.

Benjamin Rush Community Organization Award
Recognizes a company, institution, organization or agency that is successfully addressing a community health issue.

John G. Krah Executive Leadership Award
Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and advocacy for physicians. Over a sustained time, the recipient shall have displayed administrative guidance and support to physicians to improve their ability to improve the lives and health of the people of our community.

Physician Awards

You may nominate more than one physician.
Nathaniel Bedford Primary Care Award
Recognizes a primary care physician for exemplary, compassionate, comprehensive and dedicated care of patients.

Ralph C. Wilde Leadership Award
Recognizes a physician who demonstrates exceptional skill in clinical care of patients and dedication to the ideals of the medical profession as a teacher or profession leader.

Physician Volunteer Award
Recognizes a physician for charitable, clinical, educational or community service activities, domestically or internationally, as a volunteer.

Richard E. Deitrick Humanity In Medicine Award
Honors a physician who has improved the lives of patients by caring for them with integrity and respect for their human dignity, and is a role model for other physicians.

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