ACMS Announces the Launch of The Women in Healthcare Committee



At the May 9th ACMS Board of Directors meeting, the ACMS Board unanimously approved the creation of the ACMS Women in Healthcare Committee. The ACMS Women in Healthcare Committee has been created to provide a space dedicated to inspiring all ACMS members to support and mentor women physicians; to encourage their interest and active participation in organized medicine; to advance their role in political and legislative advocacy; and to promote women physicians as leaders.

The objectives of this committee will be:
• To increase the number of ACMS women members.
• To increase the number of women involved in top medical leadership positions, including governance roles at ACMS and the Pennsylvania Medical Society.
• To promote women in medicine.
• To increase opportunities for mentorship for young physicians.
• To become the leading primary resource for women physicians.

We will be officially launching this committee at a kickoff event on National Women’s Day (a wonderful day to celebrate), which is on August 9, 2023. ACMS members and non-members are invited to gather at the Longue Vue Club for a night of networking on the patio. You’ll hear from some of our physician leaders about the goals of this committee and you’ll have the opportunity to sign up to serve on the committee that night if you wish. We are also hoping to put together a late-fall educational event with the guidance of this committee.

Women in Healthcare Committee

The success of this committee depends on the active engagement, participation, and commitment of ACMS members. By coming together, supporting each other, and advocating for change, our members can create a meaningful impact on the medical profession, gender equality, and the overall well-being of women physicians. If you are interested in learning more about the committee or wish to volunteer to serve, please reach out to Nadine Popovich, ACMS Vice-President of Membership and Association Services ([email protected]). We look forward to seeing you on August 9th!