ACMS Foundation Feature: Footbridge: Rapid Financial Support Redefining Social Innovation

By: Taafoi Kamara, MPH – Director of Growth and Marketing – Footbridge

Footbridge, founded in 2020, offers rapid financial aid to families and individuals facing crises with no other solution. They provide payments to third-party vendors to reduce household stress, prevent costly involvement with human services and health systems, and promote overall wellbeing. The organization is grateful for support from the ACMS Foundation Grant, which helps prevent crises, particularly those affecting children’s health and safety due to severe financial need. Referrals are made through the Footbridge website, and case coordinators promptly engage with families to assess their needs and process payments to third parties when necessary.

The ACMS Foundation Grant funds have been crucial in addressing housing, utility, and transportation needs, keeping families together and preventing unsafe living conditions. Footbridge offers comprehensive care coordination to connect families with community resources. Client surveys show high satisfaction levels immediately and several months after receiving aid, indicating sustained positive impacts. Administrative data analysis demonstrates Footbridge’s effectiveness in preventing families from using costly and traumatic social service systems.

Key findings from the impact report include low rates of emergency shelter usage, inpatient hospitalizations, and mental health crises among clients. Footbridge aid also significantly reduced child welfare involvement and family separations. The organization’s presence has been highly valued by healthcare providers, who appreciate its role in addressing immediate financial needs and improving overall patient care. The FY2022-2023 Impact Report provides further details on Footbridge’s achievements.

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