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Become an ACMS Media Contact

We are fortunate to have over 2,000 local physicians, residents, and students as part of the ACMS membership. We are grateful for the range of expertise that exists within our membership community and we want to help you share that expertise with the community! 

From time to time, the ACMS receives media requests from news outlets, newspapers, bloggers, podcasters, and more. If you are interested in being part of our media contact list, please complete the form linked below. You'll be first on our radar to reach out to when an expert is needed! 

If you are part of the ACMS media list and you wish to have your name removed, please email

Local & National News

Become a contact for local and national news requests and story pitches.

Blog Posts

Write a blog post for and enhance your digital footprint.

ACMS Bulletin

Pitch an article for the next edition of the ACMS print Bulletin


Serve as a local expert on local radio shows.


Serve as a guest on a local or national podcast.

Print Media

Provide quotes to newspapers, business journals and magazines.

Pitch your story!
You are the eyes and ears of the profession. Have a story? Let us know and we'll handle the rest!

Thank you for pitching your story! We will be in touch with you if your story is picked up.

Press Inquiries

For all media request please reach out to:

Sarah Arbogast

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