Dues Categories and Rates

2024 ACMS/PAMED Dues Rates

The ACMS Membership Year follows the calendar year: January 1 – December 31.

PAMED Rate / ACMS Rate / TOTAL Dues

*Category is for those who have never been a member OR are working in their first year of practice. This introductory offer includes county medical society membership.

**Any physician who is engaged in professional activities related to the active practice of medicine, but who is not engaged in active practice. A supporter member may not vote or hold office.

Practice Administrator

Contact Nadine Popovich [email protected] or Eileen Taylor [email protected]  for more information on how to qualify for exempt dues status.

*A medical practice administrator will be exempt from paying dues, except for medical practice administrators from a practice with less than 50 percent physician membership, who shall pay annual dues.

Group Practice Rewards:

For practices paying for all for their physicians on one invoice (100% Physician Membership Participation)

Visit the Group Practice Membership Page for more information on enrolling your group.