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Since its inception in 1865, the central role of the Allegheny County Medical Society has been the health and well-being of the community. In addition to individual patient care, medicine has been deeply involved in issues of public health.  Many of the early advances were matters that we take for granted today. Issues such as sanitation, safe water and food supplies, and epidemics were tackled by ACMS physicians who advocated for public health commissions, performed yeoman medical care with limited resources and also were active in the development of the city itself. 

Then, as now, ACMS has sought to bring physicians together and to collaborate with community organizations and governmental agencies to address issues to improve health and advance clinical knowledge.  

We have witnessed dramatic shifts in how health care is delivered with the rapid growth of specialization over the past fifty years to today’s team-oriented continuum of care.  An explosion of new, sophisticated therapies and the extension of these technologies and treatment to previously ‘untreatable’ conditions has combined with consumer demands for an unlimited array of services creating challenges in seeking control to health expenditures.

Maintaining the balance between high-tech and the sacred doctor-patient relationship remains paramount.  We will continue to focus on improving medical care for all while preserving and strengthening advocacy for patients.  

(Excerpt from the Foreword of A Tradition of Leadership, Innovation and Caring: A history of medicine in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Published in cooperation with the Allegheny County Medical Society and John G. Krah, Executive Director, © 2018 Legacy Publishing)

Building on the strength of its 100+ year history, ACMS continues to adapt to sweeping changes in the healthcare environment. Working together, its dedicated physicians and staff, remain committed to ACMS’ mission of improving healthcare through education, advocacy, service, and physician well-being. 
For a list of ACMS presidents since its 1865 founding, click here

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