Introducing…Self Care Summer!

By: Isabella Lin – ACMS Summer Intern

Yes, we are already in the middle of summer, but now, the hottest and busiest time of the season, is the time to prioritize you. This blog will be a weekly series every Friday, with recipes, lifehacks, and mindfulness tips to get your weekend started.

Let’s start off strong with a lunch/dinner recipe perfect for promoting sustained energy throughout the day!

Rebel Wellness, a doctor-owned wellness center near East Liberty is an incredible facility that offers services including group fitness, personal training, teaching kitchens, workshops, and so much more! Dr. Natalie Gentile is a practicing physician that owns and runs this great space. Located in the Rubicon building on South Highland Avenue, they are a great local resource for all needs and goals regarding fitness and nutrition. One of their famous and beloved recipes is a plant based, choose your own adventure-style meal, that the team calls Rebel Bowls.

Here is a statement from Dr. Gentile to accompany the recipe below:
“There’s no time like the summer to feel more connected to what you are eating and cooking. With the longer days, more sunshine, and more outdoor activities, you may find your body craving foods that keep you hydrated and energetic. One of the best ways to enjoy cooking during the summer is using locally sourced, in-season produce to create plant-based bowls that are fiber-packed and full of nutrient dense plants. Here is a handy infographic that we created at Rebel Wellness to create Rebel Bowls. Choose from different ingredients in each category and top with one of our sauces! If you make one, feel free to post a picture on social media and take @rebelwellnessllc with your creation. Enjoy!”