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2018 Nathaniel Bedford Primary Care Award – Ann L. McGaffey, MD, FAAFP

Nathaniel Bedford Primary Care Award

Ann L. McGaffey, MD, FAAFP, has been chosen as the 2018 Nathaniel Bedford Primary Care Award recipient. Presented by the ACMS since 1975, the award recognizes a primary care physician for exemplary, compassionate, comprehensive and dedicated care of patients.

A graduate of Oregon Health Science University School of Medicine, Dr. McGaffey is clinical associate professor of Family Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; assistant director of the UPMC St. Margaret Family Medicine Residency; and has served as medical director of the Bloomfield-Garfield Family Health Center (BGFHC) since it was established in 1984. Throughout her career, Dr. McGaffey has devoted herself to teaching learners of every level, including faculty, family medicine residents, medical students, support staff, patients and their families.

Under her leadership, the BGFHC has grown from a four-room clinic to a full-service health center with 10,000 patient visits annually. She and first year residents provide comprehensive physicals, health screenings, and public health-based education to four local elementary schools and The Neighborhood Academy.

A champion for vaccination across the lifespan as a key component of wellness, Dr. McGaffey and the entire health center staff have markedly improved the adolescent HPV vaccination rate at BGFHC. She received the prestigious 2017 Adult Immunization Champion Award, presented at the Center for Disease Control’s National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, for her work in vaccination rate improvement within her community.

Dr. McGaffey was a collaborator in the development of childhood obesity intervention office tools and games called Fitwits, led by professor Kristin Hughes of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design; children from the East End of Pittsburgh; team residents; and public health evaluators. The program has proven successful in truncating excessive weight gain among children who attend all three of the UPMC St. Margaret health centers.

She established a program to help care for multiple inner-city school children by taking family medicine residents to the schools to learn about the health problems that inner-city children face. She is also the author of two books on sex education for pre-teens entitled “Learning about Sexuality Is Like Learning How to Swim” and “What about Me?” These books are distributed free to children following fifth grade puberty and human sexuality classes.

In addition, Dr. McGaffey has worked with UPMC St. Margaret Director of Pharmacy Education, Patricia Klatt, PharmD, to provide in-school teaching and asthma kits to the City of Pittsburgh Schools, helping to manage the care of asthmatic children resulting in a decline in emergency room visits.

A dedicated clinician, gifted teacher, and a tireless advocate for her community, Dr. McGaffey’s efforts continue to have a powerful and lasting impact on our community’s health and wellness.

Dr. McGaffey resides in Squirrel Hill with husband Terry D. Jacobsen, PhD (Botany). “I would like to thank my family members for their resilience, including Terry, my children Alexis, Abigail, and Andrew, and grandchildren Jackson and Cheyenne,” Dr. McGaffey said. “Best regards and thank you to my colleagues in family medicine, our patients, and to the Allegheny County Medical Society.”

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