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Regional Independent Physicians Band Together, Allegheny County Medical Society Steps in to support


Regional Independent Physicians Band Together, Allegheny County Medical Society Steps in to support Small Business in Medicine

Pittsburgh, PA. The long tug of war between the major health systems in Pittsburgh resulted in a number of physicians leaving healthcare systems and launching new medical practices. In response, the Independent Medical Doctors (iMD) of Western Pennsylvania and the Allegheny County Medical Society have signed a two-year collaboration to incubate and support physicians as small business owners in the practice of medicine.

“Physician owned practices provide excellent quality of care at a much lower cost with unparalleled access and continuity of care at a personal level. The focus and allegiance of the physician remains the patient and their well-being.” says Athan H. Georgiades MD, Chair of the Board of the Independent Medical Doctors. “Our partnership with the Allegheny County Medical Society will help independent physicians thrive in our region.”

“Over the last 16 months, we’ve seen several new independent medical practice models introduced in the region. These include Direct Primary Care, Concierge, Cash Pay and even some new Direct to Employer efforts. The Medical Society will work together with our physicians to develop and promote these new models to better serve our community and employers. To achieve this, we have relaunched our Group Purchasing program under the Prosurant brand to ensure access to quality products at a fair price,” added the ACMS Board Chair, Adele L. Towers MD.

To further bolster local independent medical groups, the ACMS Board of Directors approved the formation of a Special Committee on Independent Practice (SCIP). The SCIP will work with the independent practice community to investigate opportunities for the development of new care delivery models and to ensure cost efficiency through the group purchasing program, Prosurant.

Alan Yeasted MD, Chair of the SCIP, commented, “It’s an exciting opportunity to offer group purchasing through Prosurant to assist providers in supporting independent practice models. Prosurant will offer cost savings and opportunities for providers to promote their independent practice to patients. Tackling regulatory and payment challenges will also be a major focus for the SCIP.”

“We are reinventing the traditional medical society model to serve all physicians in Allegheny County including those that work in major health systems. We look forward to sharing new announcements including our new benefits packages in the months to come,” said Allegheny County Medical Society CEO, Jeremy Bonfini.

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