Supporting Caregivers of Patients with Dementia

By: Amy Kowkinsky – Director, Dementia360 Program

It’s challenging for doctors to give family caregivers the support and guidance they need during infrequent and brief office visits, especially if the person living with dementia is there.

Though your actual patient may be the person with dementia, it’s likely that it’s the family caregiver who is most in need of your support. Often they feel unprepared, alone, and overwhelmed with the role of caregiver for a loved one with dementia.

First, let them know that life does not prepare anyone to be a dementia caregiver and, secondly, they don’t have to face this alone—it’s never too early or too late to ask for help. Everyone is impacted by this disease in a different way. Finding answers and solutions to the challenges of daily life with dementia is a very personal journey, a journey no one should have to go on alone.

Dementia360 Can Help

The Morris family shares their dementia journey and how Dementia360 provided support, education and guidance along the way.

Designed specifically for the family caregiver, the highly skilled Care Coordinators at Dementia360 provide the support, resources, connections, and ongoing coaching caregivers need to keep people with dementia at home – living comfortably and safely, for as long as possible.

Dementia360 helps families wherever they are on their journey to:

  • Understand and accept a new dementia diagnosis,
  • Develop good habits to shape the disease as it progresses,
  • Overcome behavioral challenges,
  • Have a life that is better because they have the confidence, skills, and support to be successful.

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