Don’t Drop the Ball this January

In the United States, we have historically invested far more into treating sickness than we have in maintaining health. It is common knowledge that the past few years of crisis has placed tremendous mental, emotional, and physical stress on medical personnel. As the world rapidly changed and the stress placed on our medical system was at all-time highs, the idea of protecting physician well-being was no longer a lofty ideal. The impact of physicians trying to balance caring for patients with concerns of their own health, and that of their family, formed a turbulent downward spiral, creating behavior incongruent with what they stand for.

Self care has proven itself to be a strong answer. Life was the airplane in a state of emergency, and the pandemic was an unkind reminder to put on your own oxygen mask on before saving others.

For the physicians in Allegheny County, the question of how to best care for caregivers, has been asked and answered in multiple ways. Hospital systems delivered personal protective equipment, enforced social distancing guidelines when needed, created phone lines to address community questions, and focused on clear communication. They also reorganized clinical and surgical procedures, helped physicians navigate new virtual options, and fostered a community of peer support through phone lines and counseling options.

The city of Pittsburgh has never been a community to shy away from helping their own.  After the darkness of COVID-19 eventually passed and local businesses began to reopen their doors, they rallied together to offer medical professionals support and discounts. It was their way of saying “thank you” for going through the trenches and keeping us as safe as possible. These businesses are hoping their offers help physicians disconnect from work and find the joy in the little things again; a sweaty workout, a drink with a friend, a clean house, and some R&R are just some examples.

Below is a list of some of the great discounts to help our physician members move into 2023 as the healthiest versions of themselves. ACMS encourages you to visit these businesses, mention your physician career, and receive a discount on their product or service:

  • Trace Brewing has an ongoing offer of $1 off any alcoholic beverage or coffee drink for anyone working in the medical field. In addition, every Tuesday from 4:00-8:00pm, they have a happy hour where the first drink is free!
  • Enjoy Rest Active’s offer for healthcare workers for THREE FREE SERVICES! Just mention that you saw this blog or let them know you are a healthcare worker.
  • Adda Coffee and Tea House gives all healthcare workers a discount of 15% off. Adda has 5 locations in the Pittsburgh area, and they are all equally inviting, cozy, and perfect for that morning coffee run or midday break.
  • Clean Day Housekeeping’s offer to healthcare workers: 20% off your first clean! This is an ongoing offer in support of all our healthcare workers and everything that they do.
  • CycleBar Robinson has an ongoing discount for healthcare workers, offering 20% off. Email: [email protected] for more information.
  • CycleBar North Hills offers healthcare workers 50% off their first month of a monthly membership. In addition, healthcare workers will receive a lifetime discount of 10% every month after.
  • Lululemon has a 15% discount for all first responders. This is an ongoing offer and can be used at any time with a valid work ID.
  • With the code Doctors988, healthcare workers can get 20% off packs and memberships at  Steel House Cycle, Located in Lawrenceville.
  •  Take advantage of this meal prep promotion from Longevity Life! They offer 20% off with the code SAVESLIVES20 to all healthcare workers.