Self Care Summer: Round 2!

By: Isabella Lin, ACMS Intern

Back for Round 2 of Self Care Summer? This week, with an emphasis on physical therapy and its direct ties to fitness, ACMS brings you an issue on a profession sometimes misunderstood.

What does a Physical Therapist DO?

Alice Beckett-Rumberger, PT, explains the “why” behind exercise and prioritizing physical Self Care using her expertise as a physical therapist. Owner and founder of TheraFusion, she works with people ranging from professional athletes to everyday individuals, creating for each person or group a specific and personalized treatment plan.

Physical Therapy plays a large role in maintaining a healthy level of physical activity. Not just for recovery, but for prevention as well. And you’ll see why:

Alice’s statement:

Physical Therapists are in a unique position as health providers for the prevention and management of disease and disability to address the benefits of fitness. Physical Therapists play a key role in health promotion and spend one on one time with individuals to discuss the importance of fitness and health. Physical therapy can improve an individual’s CV, strength and flexibility through a musculoskeletal examination to address the deficits of an individual. A treatment plan can be established to address deficits in cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility. A Physical Therapist can educate on the benefits of fitness and be the bridge between health and health services according to the American Physical Therapy Association.  Physical therapy has many tools to assist in injury prevention and recovery to return individuals to healthy lifestyles and help overcome barriers to healthy living.  The triad of fitness – cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility can promote physical and mental well-being. Physical Therapists are an important healthcare team member to promote physical health which in turn may prevent disease and improve general well-being.


So whether you are looking to find your start in a sport, exercise, etc or have already begun that journey, being proactive is key…physical therapy IS NOT just for those who have broken bones or sprained ligaments. It is also a key player in creating/maintaining the said “triad of fitness”; it is an educational tool and a deeper look into what fitness IS.

Thank you so much, Alice!